Baby Bowie Knife

Baby Bowie

Overall Length: 6 ½ inches
Thickness: 1/16 inch
Approximate Weight: 1.4 oz

Price: $225.00

This is a handy little tool, much like the clip blade on Grandpa’s old Stockman, but stronger, lighter, and more comfortable in the hand for extended use. It is much like the knife that William Reviere recommends in his book, Backcountry Camping. Paired with an axe, it can handle an astounding array of outdoor tasks without being a burden. Whether carried on the belt, as a neck knife, or in a pocket, it can serve for a host of tasks from paring fruits and vegetables to preparing fish and game, to cutting twine and rope and tape and cardboard and leather. Yet, it is sturdy enough for a lot of whittling, carving fuzz sticks, etc. The point is fine enough for picking out splinters. The hidden tang has a gentle blade-handle transition for maximum strength. Both handle-pins pass through steel.