Strike Force® & BlastMatch® Firestarters

BlastMatch Firestarter
BlastMatch 2.5 oz

Strike Force Firestarter
Strike Force 3.7 oz

These are some of the most effective, dependable, long-lasting fire-starting tools in the world! I have a Strike force that I bought 10 years ago, and have used for most of my firestarting, lots of experimenting and “playing,” and all sales demonstrations during this time. It wore down to a “wasp-waist” and the other end broke off, but that was almost a year ago, and it is still working fine. Yes, I still have the piece that broke off, and intend to use it up.

The Strike Force is very simple, easy to use, and dependable. It weighs 3.7 oz. with the tinder cube, brand new.

The BlastMatch is more compact, lighter weight at 2.5 oz., and can be used one-handed. Both have the same 2-inch by 1/2-inch ferrocerium (“flint”) rod that produces sparks as hot as an acetylene cutting torch flame. They can also serve as emergency flashlights and signaling devices.

Strike Force® & BlastMatch® Firestarter

Price: $22.00 – Your Choice

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