Diafold Eze-Lap Double-Sided Diamond Sharpeners

Double-sided Diamond Sharpeners

This is my favorite field-sharpening tool. With butterfly-type handles, and a weight of about 4 ounces, it is the perfect companion for your outdoor cutting tools. The gold-colored handle houses a Fine and Coarse set of diamond stones, and the silver handles hold Medium and Super-fine grit. (For the sharpest edge, if you use the C/F combo, finish with a few strokes on a hard Arkansas or ceramic sharpener.) No fluid is needed, just wipe the metal dust off. Diamonds cut the hardest blade materials well, and cut faster than any other type of sharpening abrasive.

Diafold Eze-lap Double-sided Diamond Sharpeners
Weight: 4 oz

M/SF (silver) Price: $28.00
C/F (gold) Price: $28.00

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