Compact Firesteel

For those who want a compact, long-lasting fire-starting device, here is something–finally. Small enough to put on your keyring, there is no excuse to be without a way to start a fire. I decided it needed something to keep the pieces together, and to protect it from needless wear in the pocket, so these all come with a hand-made leather pouch. While this device is not nearly as potent as the Strike Force, it is plenty to reliably light cotton, thistle-down, dandelion “parachutes”, charred cotton cloth or mullein leaves, and more. Almost three times as much flint as what comes on match-cases, and much more compact.

Helpful Hints

Compact Firesteel
Overall Length: 2 1/2 inches
Approximate Weight: .4 oz

Price: $7.50 with leather pouch
Price: $6.00 without leather pouch

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