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As a custom knife-maker, knife dealer, and custom sheath maker, it is my studied goal to provide you with the cutting tools that will fill your needs the best. This includes choosing the right steel to provide the desired balance between ease of sharpening and edge retention, suitable blade geometry, a dependable, comfortable handle, and a safe, secure, accessible, comfortable sheath. And at a workable price, too.

Over two decades of using, sharpening, and carrying knives for food preparation, general utility work, agriculture, primitive skills, camping, wilderness survival, and woodcraft, have provided the basis for what you find here. At about 5 years of age I began using sharp kitchen knives. At the age of 7 1/2, I was given a Boker Scout Knife by my grandmother. Its bail, combined with a snap-hook on my belt, helped prevent losing it. At age 14 (after various experiences with inferior tools) an estate auction yielded a good old Collins machete (with an interesting handmade leather sheath), which has chopped more blackberry vines, poison oak, and other weeds than I care to think about, as well as saplings and logs. At age 15, I purchased my first good-quality belt knife–a Buck #619–which was my everyday companion on the homestead for several years.

I began selling factory knives in 1998, and finished my first handmade knife in the summer of 1999. Three more were made in 2000, and about 17 in 2001. The 100-knife mark was reached about 2005. So far, all have been fixed-blades.

Sheath-making is an integral part of knifemaking. Ideally, the knife and sheath need to be designed for each other, rather than the sheath being an after-thought. If you have a good knife that needs a better (or special-application) sheath, it would be a privilege to help you. I make custom axe, hatchet, and saw sheaths, also. Most are leather; some are leather with wood liners; and some are Kydex. Each style and choice of material is a response to specific needs.

Another area of interest is repairing old knives. So if you have a good old blade that needs re-grinding, cleaning, and sharpening, or a new handle–let me know.

The time spent working in agriculture, and experimenting with primitive skills, firestarting, skinning, and general woodcraft, has been invaluable in providing a foundation for the knives I make today. The other part of the equation has been various friends, acquaintances, and authors who helped direct my understanding of cutlery. These include my parents (who were raised in rural settings and spent time in primitive areas of Mexico and Africa), my mountains, a retired Alaskan surveyor, a pastor, a wilderness survival instructor, a retired Boeing engineer (who was the brain-power behind constructing my first belt-grinder and disk-sander from scrap), Bob Loveless’ knifemaking video, a former apprentice from the Loveless shop, an apprentice of Bob Dozier’s, and authors such as Tim McCreight, Ed Fowler, Wayne Goddard, and more. And, a lot of useful points have been learned from a multitude of customers. Above all, “the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.” Proverbs 2:6.

Enjoy your time as you look at the various products and photos; and please take time to look at the article, Principles of Knife Selection. Again, thank you for visiting, and I look forward to helping fill your needs.

– Christopher Fischer

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“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”
Proverbs 27:17

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