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Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Paring Knives

Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Victorinox knives are the definite kitchen favorite of our family. They are also the favorite of chefs, butchers, fishermen, canneries and all manner of food-processing professionals around the world.

Made by the same Swiss company that makes the best Swiss Army Knives, these present no less of a bargain. They are truly a marvel of quality, performance, spectacular workmanship, and low price. The blades have a very thin, full-V grind. They are stiff enough to work well, thin enough to cut efficiently, and strong enough for everything that should be required of a kitchen knife. They hold an edge well, and are quick to sharpen. The handles are quite well-designed, and the knives are impervious to the moisture, salts, and acids normally encountered in the kitchen.

"One benefit of the Edge-Mag blade cover, is that it takes up less space than the Blade-Safe. The benefit of the Blade-Safe is that it has a relatively small area of contact with the blade, and lets moisture escape better if the knife is damp when put away."

Edge-Mag Open

Edge-Mag Closed
Edge-Mag Closed

Edge-Mag Blade protectors
--for up to 7" blade -- $5 ea
or 3 for $12.00
--for up to 9" blade -- $6 ea
or 3 for $13.50
--for up to 12" blade -- $7 ea
or 3 for $16.00


<<<<  To protect the knives in the drawer, or on the go, the Bladesafe is available.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives

12" Chef’s Knife – $59
8" Chef’s Knife – $49
5 1/2" Mini-Chef’s Knife – $19
4" Paring Knife - $6
3 1/4" Sheepsfoot
Paring Knife - $5.00
3 1/4" Paring Knife – $5.00
2 1/2" Bird’s Beak Knife – $6

Blade-Safe prices:
--for up to 4 1/2" blades-- $2 ea
--for up to 6" blades-- $3 ea
--for up to 8" blades-- $4 ea
--for up to 10" blades--$5 ea

Bladesafe Open
Blade-Safe Open

Bladesafe Closed
Blade-Safe Closed

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