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The Vision Glorious Booklet

The Vision Glorious Booklet

Goals of True Education -- The Ideal Place for the School -- A Right Training,–Discipleship -- An Education Out of Babylon -- Who Are We Imitating? -- Sources of Christian Education -- Useful Work -- The Bible -- Nature -- The Experiences of Life -- History -- The Holy Spirit, Our Teacher -- Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit–What Grieves the Holy Spirit, Causing Him to Leave? -- Reforms Called For -- Country Living -- Smaller Schools -- Personal Attention, Encouragement -- Consideration of Individual Needs and Aptitude -- Cooperation -- Balance Physical and Mental Labor -- Correct Principles in Dress -- Mastery of the Common Branches -- Music and Song -- Temperance and Diet -- Associations -- Results and Rewards of Reform -- How To Train Children That Shall Be An Honor To Their Parents – from Vitalogy, 1913.

The Vision Glorious Booklet

162 pages

Price: $9.00

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