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Mora Knife

Mora Knives

Proven favorites of wilderness survival instructors, these handy, inexpensive knives are well worth the money and weight for all kinds of utility and outdoor tasks.

With their blade length of 4 inches, a weight of only 3.5 oz. in the sheath (less than many pocket-knives), and superb edge geometry, they are ideal for all manner of woodcraft, camping, hunting, and utility jobs where a sharp blade and a comfortable handle are needed. The Scandinavian grind coaxes the best performance from the thin blade, keeps sharpening very simple, and allows for hundreds of sharpenings with no added thickness as the edge wears back.

The black-handled version is the Tri-flex steel which costs $15.00. **SOLD OUT**

The red handle is on a carbon steel blade, and costs $9.00.


Knife and Fire

Model 440 Scout

Model 440 Scout -- 3 3/4-inch long, 0.098" thick stainless steel blade. Smaller, black handle for young hands. Excellent belt loop on sheath. $15.00

Frosts of Sweden Mora Knives

Blade Length: 4 inches
Approximate Weight: 3.5 oz

Black-Tri-Flex Steel - $15.00
** SOLD OUT **

Red-Carbon Steel - $9.00
While Supply Lasts



Model 511 -- 3 3/4-inch long, 0.098" thick carbon steel blade, red handle. $8.00

Model 511

Model 511 in Sheaths

Hand-made leather sheath for
Model 511 -- $20.00

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