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Magnesium Firestarter

Magnesium-Ferrocerium Firestarter

Carrying twice as much “flint” as the Compact Firesteel (and 9 times as much as the flint on the bottom of a matchcase), and a block of tinder that will never get wet, this is a non-leaking, non-explosive, waterproof tool that will last for hundreds, and with care, thousands, of fires. Rides nicely in the sharpening stone pouch found on some knife sheaths. While Butane lighters are excellent for every-day convenience, I would never want to be caught without a metal match for backup.

Magnesium in Pouch

Magnesium Striker

Magnesium-Ferrocerium Firestarter

Dimensions: 1" x 3" x 3/8" thick; Ferro rod is 3/16" diameter x 3" long.
Approximate Weight: 1 1/2 oz

Price: $7.95

Striker—While a knife works for striking the metal match, using the sharp edge for this purpose does dull the blade. To solve this problem, use a sharpening stone, file, or sandpaper to create a sharp, 90-degree edge on the back side of the blade, for an inch or so back from the point.
Hardened steel strikers with a thong hole are available for $3 each.
The largest flat screwdriver on a Leatherman works well for scraping the magnesium block and for striking sparks.
If you are lacking a knife or other striker, you can scrape your metal match with a sharp rock.

Pouch—Leather belt pouches are available for $5 each. They keep the kit together, can be worn on the belt, and prevent unnecessary abrasive wear to your metal match.
Hints—(1) The flint rod on the magnesium block is about twice as long as necessary for a good spark. To help it last longer, put duct tape over half the length, and use only the exposed half. When the first end wears out, turn it around. (2) A pinch of cotton-ball or dry thistle-down is easier to use than magnesium shavings. (3) Collect magnesium shavings on a piece of paper or cloth. Then you can pick up the material, shake the shavings into a pile in the middle, and place where you want them for lighting.


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