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The Vision Glorious Booklet

Testimonies for the Church

Volumes 1 - 9

Price: $99.00

Testimonies for the Church, Volumes 1-9 in a single bound volume.

Weighs 2 lb. 6 oz. Leather bound.

Everlasting Gospel Publishing Association, Korea.

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History of Redemption Series

Boxed Set - 8 Volumes

Price: $39.00

History of Redemption Series, boxed set. Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, Great Controversy, Christ's Object lessons, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, and Steps to Christ--8 volumes in 7 bindings.

Set weighs 2 pounds, individual books weigh 1.7 - 5.5 oz.


History of Redemption Series

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