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This knife is about the same weight as a hatchet, or a lighter-weight handgun. It is short enough to fit in most daypacks, and comes with a sheath that is designed to ride high on the belt, most likely on the left side for cross-draw. Or, use the supplied straps with their quick-release buckles, to strap it to your thigh. You can quickly move it from your pants belt to your web-gear, packframe belt, or gunbelt. Or, you can attach it to your pack or MOLLE gear.

This Bowie is designed to be a powerful all-purpose tool. It is a knife; it chops much like a hatchet; it will trim branches off of poles like a machete; it is fast in the hand, with excellent balance. The point gives excellent penetration. And it is faster to draw and re-sheath than most hatchets. The double guard provides a comfortable, secure hold for pounding with the butt, and for reasonably fine whittling. It is comfortable in both standard- and edge-up grip positions. Currently offered in both carbon steel and 154CM stainless.
Classic Bowie

Overall Length: 15 inches
Thickness: 1/4 - 5/16 inch
Approximate Weight: 28 oz

Price: $595.00
(add 20% for S30V steel)

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