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3 inch Compact Full-tang Knife

Black Linen Handle

3" Compact Full-tang Knife

This knife is just plain cute. It works great as a neck knife, by simply running a neck lanyard through the belt loop. The handle slabs are 1/8-inch thick, making it considerably thinner than the slightly larger knife shown above. In William Reviere’s book, Backcountry Camping, he recommends a fixed-blade knife no larger than this as the ultimate woods knife–paired, of course, with an axe. And for many utility tasks, it is plenty. And nearly perfect for skinning, especially small game–although many experienced men use knives this size for skinning and field-dressing elk.

3" Compact Full-tang Knife

Overall Length: 6 inches
Thickness: 1/8 inch
Approximate Weight: 3 oz

Price: $195.00
($234.00 for S30V steel)

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